Cuba Tourist visa card for Indians

Cuba Tourist visa card for Indians

An electric mix of culture and history, Cuba is one of Latin America’s most unique countries.Cuba has entry requirements that differ depending on your nationality and the reason for your visit.

The Embassy issues tourist, business , journalist , event, and diplomatic visas.Visas are issued to a person of nationality of Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan, after we analyze them.
The payment is made in cash and Indian rupees.

Important :The tourist card is not valid to travel to Cuba from India for any other nations because we don´t sell tourist card.



  • Valid passport
  • Visa application form duly filled and a passport photo
  • Reservation confirmed of hotel or house authorized for rent at list per 3 days.**
  • Round trip  Air Ticket.**
  • Cash payment of  8400.00 rupees if the person uses an agency for the visa process or 6400.00 rupees if the person comes in person to make the application process.
  • For citizen from India, Bangladesh and Nepal also it is necessary to present: Notarized affidavit in which the person declares  that only visit Cuba for tourism purposes and not for other activities.
  • Bank statement showing that the person has enough money to spend in Cuba.

**Travelvisaguru has online system to provide hotel confirmation andd round trip air ticket document for visa processing

Legalization and certification of Documents

The legalization service  costs  8800.00 rupees per document.The company should present the original document in English and the document translated in Spanish.The company should present both documents duly legalized first by a Camber of Comerce of India and after by The Ministry of External Affairs of India.Both documents should be legalized.

Procedure in order to legalize documents

  1. The document should be produced in English and dully signed by the person that is giving it.  In case of power of attorney the document should be issued by a notary person.
  2. The English document should be given to an official translator in order to be translated in to Spanish. The translator should put his stamp and signature on the document he translated.
  3. Both documents (English and Spanish) should be attested by a Chamber of Commerce.
  4. Both documents (English and Spanish) should be attested by the Ministry of External Affairs.
  5. Finally you can submit both documents in our Embassy in order to legalize them.

The attestation fee per each document is 8800.00 rupees in cash. It means that the total cost for this case is 17600.00 rupees in cash.If you want to legalize photocopy of an original document, before submitting this photocopy of an official translator must go to a notary with the original document and photocopy in order to  certify that this photocopy is TRUE COPY of the original you want to keep. Then after that you should follow steps 2 to 5 described above.


If you do lose your tourist card it will need to get replaced, resulting in extra costs, delays and the possibility of missing your flight home.

Visa Extension

Your Tourist Visa Card may be extended when in Cuba by another 30 days with the immigration authority. To extend your Tourist Card/Visa, you need to pay appropriate fee in stamps sold at banks and a receipt from your accommodation (hotels or casa particulars).

General Note for Visitor having tourist card

All travelers require tourist card to enter Cuba, together with a current passport (from any nation). These are the only two documents a visitor needs.
A Cuba Tourist Card/Visa is only valid for leisure or recreational purposes.
A Cuba Tourist Visa Card can be used once within 180 days after the date of issue.
The Tourist Card is valid for 30 days and is non-transferable and non-refundable. It extendable in Cuba for a further 30 days maximum.
A Cuba Tourist Card/Visa must be stamped by the Cubaism Travel Agency on both sections at the back of the visa.
The information on a Cuba Tourist Card/Visa must coincide with that in the passport.
A Cuba Tourist Card/Visa is only valid for leisure or recreational purposes.
Minors must have their own Tourist Card even if they are travelling under their parents´ passport(s).
Passports must be valid for more than 2 months after departure for Cuba.


Click here for the flight itinerary and hotel reservation document required for Tourist card(Tourist Visa)