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  • Can I choose the airlines for the flight itineraries or flight reservation ?

    Sure. Please mention the same in the flight itinerary request form while placing the order. Sometimes, there are no seats available on the preferred airline. In that scenario, our team will pick the next available airline to make the reservation for you. For any further information or query, you can connect with us through our live chat.

  • What should I do in case of incorrect booking ?

    Please carefully enter the required details while filling the order form for Flight Reservation/Itinerary in the first phase. If you still commit a mistake, contact us at the earliest possible moment so that we can make necessary corrections before booking Flight Reservation for you. Delivery tme line for corrected flight tinerary is 1 day.

  • What is your mode of payment?

    You can place an order (s) via any bank's credit card, debit card or PayPal.

  • Can I get the flight reservation/flight itinerary without buying an actual flight ticket ?

    "Yes" Our service is to provide flight itinerary for visa purpose without paying full amount of the flight ticket . You can acquire a verifiable Flight Itinerary by paying a trivial sum of money when compared with the price of the actual flight ticket.

  • How will I get my Flight Reservation/Itinerary document for visa application?

    We will generate the flight itinerary or flight reservation document based on the request you make .Once after payment confirmation we will deliver the soft copy of the flight itinerary or flight resrvation document to your email Id ,All you are required to do is take a printout of the soft copy, attach it in your visa application and submit it in the corresponding embassy or consulate for further proceedings.

  • Can I see the sample flight itinerary ?

    "Yes" Please visit "Travel itinerary" section of any blog to check the flight samples

  • Will embassy accept printout of Flight Reservation/Itinerary?

    Yes, after receiving the flight itinerary document they will process and verify it in the airlines webste against your name . This process is being practiced by thousands of happy travelers across the globe.

  • Is your Flight Itinerary restricted for any country or region?

    No. We provide verifiable Flight Itinerary for the visa application to any country across the globe. Also, our documents are acceptable worldwide.

  • Is your Flight Itinerary for the visa application to any country across the globe ?

    Yes. We provide Flight Itinerary for the visa application to any country across the globe. At present, embassies or consulates of all countries demand a Flight Reservation/Itinerary from the visa applicant. Our service in this regar are not limited to the Schengen Area only.

  • Do you have simple way of filling the order form for Flight Reservation ?

    "YES", it is very simple. All you are required to do is to provide us with some compulsory details related to your travel plan such as: 1. First and last name of the travelers along each traveler title (MR, MS, or MRS) 2. Indicate whether you want One-way or Roundtrip Itinerary. (Exmple one way Paris ---> London (12 dec 2020) or for round trip Paris <---> London ( 12 Dec 2020, 30 Dec 2020)) 3. Departure date, departure city/airport code if you have and return dates. Also the city/airport of your return. Include all the cities that you wish to visit and the dates.

  • How long the provided Flight Itinerary for visa application is valid for ?

    The minimum duration of the validity of Flight Reservation/Itinerary is up to 1 week or 7 days whereas the maximum duration is up to two weeks.

  • Can I extend or make Flight Reservation again on the same reservation code?

    No. Airlines do not allow this practice. You have to place a new order for each new reservation.

  • Is it mandatory that I have to buy a Flight Ticket before applying for a visa ?

    No, Emabssy ecommend you not to buy an actual airline ticket. Because, if your visa application is denied, you will lose your money. Simply get a flight itinerary and once your visa application is approved, you can purchase an actual flight ticket.

  • Can I get a Flight Reservation/Itinerary ?

    Yes. Our services are not limited or restricted to any particular region or country. So, your place of residence does not matter at all. Simply visit us and pick the package that best suits your need.

  • Is there any charge for cancellation of Flight Reservation?

    No, We do not charge for the cancellation of the flight itinerary/reservation. Please inform us and we will take care of the rest.

  • What is the delivery time line for the flight itinerary/reservation?

    Our delivery for the flight itinerary only package is 1 day, If you purchase flight and hotel itinerary package our delivery tme line os 4 hours , We also provide express delivery based on the applicants need ( please send us email ([email protected]) or chat with us for express delivery)

  • Can I verify Flight Reservation/Itinerary ?

    Yes, we provide verifiable flight itineraries which can be verifiad on the official website of the respective airline. Verification can be done using last name of the passenger and the booking reference (PNR) in respective arlines website

  • What is the best time to order Flight Reservation ?

    The best time to order a Flight Reservation/Itinerary is 1 to 2 days prior to date of your visa interview. However, you can place your order at your convenience. Our team will forward your desired document as per your interview date. In other words, we will forward you Flight Reservation/Itinerary exactly one day prior to your interview date.

  • Is it compulsory to get the actual flight tickets from you if my visa application is approved ?

    No. Its not compulsory, We provide Flight Itinerary/Reservation and Hotel Bookings for visa application process only. In case your visa application is approved, you can still confirm already reserved flights and hotels or even book afresh [whatever best suits your need]. And if your visa application is declined, we will take care of your reservation’s cancellation. You can purchase an actual flight ticket for the visa application. But in that case, there exists risk of losing your hard earned money if the embassy or consulate rejects your visa application.

  • Is there any group traveler’s discount?

    Yes, we provide good discounts for group travelers. Please send us email at [email protected]