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Travelvisaguru expedites your VISA process by providing mandatory documents like Flight Itinerary or Travel Itinerary,Hotel booking (optional-Train ticket,Car Rental) for the VISA process also provides the consultation for any VISA process. Please go through our Travelvisaguru guide book for detailed information !!.
Yes ..!!!As we registered with multiple travel agents, we can pre-book about more then 100 flight Itineraries or travel itineraries and hotel bookings a day. Please check our samples  1. Sample Flight Itinerary or Travel itinerary   2.Sample Hotel booking
 Our presence is global..!! Yes your guess is correct,Because of our outsourcing partner across Asia , you will get the benefit of the time difference and price difference. Win. Win. Don’t be surprised to find your details in your inbox before the start of your day !!!.
 Not to Worry..!!! Yes we will !! we understand that humans make mistakes so we allow you upto 3 changes per schedule . If more than that you will need to begin the whole process again including the payment.Our service is based on the plan you opt.
If you are planning on visiting someone in that country using tourist visa , the process is different,  the guest will need to send you a letter inviting you to their country and this needs to be attested by one of the government bodies. This task can be tedious. So many people opt for the easy approach. Make all the bookings that you need to make, get your visa. then do what ever you want once you visit the place. So we suggest you do the smart thing the use the latter approach.
Yes We provide itineraries for bulk request. Please send email to customersupport@travelvisaguru.com with bulk request details. Our customer support team will do the needful.
Yes!!!. there is 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If customer is not satisfied