Flight booking for Visa purpose

Flight booking for Visa purpose

Latest..!!! service is been offered from Travelvisaguru !!!.Flights itinerary for visa application can be a very simple or complex piece of document to acquire in your chasing of a visa.
Flight booking for visa purpose!!!!!

A flight itinerary provides following information

  • Proposed route of an airline with flight name
  • Date and time of departure/arrival
  • Flight code, departure/arrival airport IATA codes(Ex: FRA, BLR, SFC) and Flight reservation/booking numbers

A flight itinerary is different from a flight ticket in that you have not payed for your journey in full. A flight ticket is just a meta-description of your flight

A flight itinerary:Is just a schedule of a flight that describes their plans for that day such as departure/arrival timings and information about the airport along with aircraft number. This is not that different from a flyer that you get in the movie theaters which explains movie timings.
A flight reservation is where you make a reservation for that flight which would be valid for a week. You will NOT be buying the actual flight ticket but just make a reservation as in restaurants. If you don’t buy the actual ticket within a week, then your reservation would be canceled. This can be easily done by the travel agents who would typically charge you 10% of the actual ticket cost.
A flight booking is an actual ticket .You would pay the full price for the ticket and if you want to cancel the ticket in case your visa application is rejected, you would lose the entire price that you paid for the ticket. Here is what the Dutch embassy says about the reservation.

Do you need to book a flight before applying for visa ?

No . You don’t need to book a flight ticket before you apply for a visa . We see this question asked often such as on stackexchange flight itinerary or on Quora section for flight itinerary when applying for visa application . We have travelled to several countries and you can take our word for it. The visa consulates also realise that the rejection rates for visa applications are remarkably high (Denmark at one point of time had  only 35% acceptance rate). It is not wise to expect visa applicants to actually buy the flight ticket and risk losing hundreds or in some cases thousands of dollars if the visa application is rejected. Then why do visa consulates ask for flight itinerary and reservations :

  • To establish that you do have flights from your city to your destination.
  • To validate your flight itinerary against your travel itinerary that you have submitted. If you have mentioned that you will be holidaying in France but your itinerary says Germany. Then something is fishy.
  • When you apply for Schengen visa, then you must apply in the visa consulate of a country in which you would spend the most time in. Ex : if you are holidaying for 20 days and plan to stay in France for 15 days . Then you should apply for your visa in the French consulate. But if you are spending 10 days in France and 10 days in Germany, then you will need to apply in that consulate where you would be landing first. A flight itinerary confirms this fact since your arrival city would be your first point of entry

So to reiterate, please book your travel ticket once your visa application has been confirmed.

Here is another link which explains why it is not a good idea to get an air ticket before your visa has been approved.

How to get a flight booking for Schengen visa or make a flight reservation confirmation without buying an actual flight ticket ?

You have two options :

  • Find a local travel agent who uses the old travel booking system where flight booking is a two step process ,where the first step is a reservation and the next step is booking.This usually comes at a price somewhere between $30 to $60 since the agent makes a commission only when he buys the ticket for you.
  • Use our services of course !! Our guys at Travelvisaguru.com would not only provide you with the flight itinerary but with hotel booking(proof of accommodation for visa), personal cover letter, leave/no-objection letter to be signed by your employer as well as travel itinerary based on your requirements.These documents will be written exclusively for you based on your travel plans by a professional writer. Along with that you will get all the templates including visa application forms , sample duly filled visa application among other benefits.

With a guaranteed delivery of all your documents within the same day you buy our package, you are just a couple of steps away from submitting your application. See all our visa application packages

You can book your flight itinerary using below Button "Book Now"

How does this work

1.Order the service using "Book Now" button.

      • Now you are a step close to your itinerary
      • It will take you to the user form where you need to fill the appropriate details

2.Fill the form with all the details and submit

      • Fill your name,email address,entry and exit country details with respect to your travel date.
      • We will process your details and prepare the flight itinerary appropriately
      • It will take you to the payment page by using Paypal you can do the payment.(we have made couple of payment options)

3. Receive the reservation through your email address.

Note:Contact us at customersupport@travelvisaguru.com for family package or bulk request.


Sample flight itinerary with PNR

Travel itinerary booking for visa processing

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If service is not satisfactory, 100% Money back is Guarantee .

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