Hotel Booking for tourist Visa Application

Travel itinerary for Schengen Visa or any Visa

Travelvisaguru will do the hotel booking for your Visa application processing.

We understand how important is hotel booking when it comes to your visa processing.We provide you the "temporary" hotel booking with respect to the visa application. So that you will not be paying the entire amount as in case of normal hotel booking or hotel reservation process.

We are sure the money that you spent for hotel booking with actual's will reduce the bank balance which you wouldn't like to show while chasing visa in embassy!!!!!.All in all your bank balance should be good while you are at embassy seeking for visa.which will be achieved by using temporary hotel booking by us without paying huge actual booking amount.

Here is the hotel reservation sample copy from us

How does this work

1.Order the service using "Book Now" button.

      • Now you are a step close to your itinerary
      • It will take you to the user form where you need to fill the appropriate details

2.Fill the form with all the details and submit

      • Fill your name,email address,entry and exit country details with respect to your travel date.
      • We will process your details and prepare the flight itinerary appropriately
      • It will take you to the payment page by using Paypal you can do the payment.(we have made couple of payment options)

3. Receive the reservation through your email address.

Note:Contact us at for family package or bulk request


Please select below online service using "Book Now" button for your hotel and flight service

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