Visa Document Template -Visa invitation letter sample

Visa Document Template.

All visa consulates require you to submit a hand written(read as typed) personal cover letter explaining in detail what they intend to do in the visiting country once your visa has been approved. The cover letter holds details such as the day of entry , the places you intend to visit, a complete detailed itinerary with proper dates, who you intend to visit and details about the inviter. Visa consulates are particular about what you intend do and being precise and accurate in what you write in your personal cover letter will go a long way in your visa application process. but you don’t have to worry about this since we will write it for you . You will get a customised cover letter along with the itinerary and other details that you provide for us written professionally. Also if you are employed you will need to submit a no objection letter/leave letter from your employer stating that you have been given permission for your leave and will be rejoining your company once you are back . We will provide you with this as well . The best part, even the basic package that you take from us will entitle you to getting all the required documents !!! . Download our sample personal cover letter and Download sample leave/no objection letter here .Our Travel service provides visa invitation letter sample.

If you want to get your personal cover letter and other sample documents proceed to Visa Document page ..

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