Cope with Visa rejection

Visa Rejection is not dead end

How to cope with visa rejection

Whether you get a visa or not is entirely at the discretion of the Embassy, so submitting and paying for your application isn't a guarantee that you'll get the visa. And if your application is rejected, an Embassy has no obligation to tell you why.
Rejection brings with it a looming sense of panic when in the context of travel visas. It's gutting and expensive. Embassies don't really care about your flights, your accommodation, the friends you planned to see, the sights you're now going to miss. They also won't refund your money.
So what can you do to avoid it? -Cope with visa rejection.....

Use a visa agency

. Though this doesn't eliminate the risk of rejection altogether, it does reduce the likelihood. Usually their admin fees are similar or less to the cost of a train to go to the Embassy if you're planning to hand your application in, in person. They'll check your paperwork and present the application on your behalf meaning the likelihood of rejection is less. They can also do things quicker than you can, and often have special access to Embassies that you won't have.

Apply for your visa in plenty of time

Unless you have to wait because of visa regulations (some countries like Ethiopia start your visa time from the visa issue date, meaning the later you apply the better), never leave your visa application until the few weeks before you travel. If things go wrong, you'll be stuck, and not even a visa agency will be able to help because you'll simply have run out of time.

Only book in advance if you have to

If you can avoid it, don't pay for your flights or accommodation until the visa is issued, and have comprehensive travel insurance. Insurance is important because even once the visa has been issued, it doesn't guarantee entry into the country.
And if your application is rejected?

In most cases you can re-apply

However, you'll need to apply again in full including paying a second time. Embassies don't issue refunds. They might also ask for additional documentation now that you've been rejected on one occasion. Some Embassies advise not to re-apply for a visa unless your circumstances change.

Re-apply quickly

Remember the second application will take the same amount of time or longer to process, so advance planning is essential.

Don't despair

In a lot of cases, the second application is successful.

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